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Reinstalled Docker Desktop for Windows

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All right, I’m going to write a blog every month this year! But this is finally my second post of the year. 😴

Since I got Docker for win wsl2 backend, I’ve been living my life with Windows as if everything is OK. However, I still get stuck on Windows sometimes. This is an article on how to get back to Docker since I can’t upgrade it at all anymore.

Couldn’t version up Docker

I failed to upgrade Docker. When I followed the instructions to upgrade, I got some error messages with the words “Installation failed”.


I see. I don’t understand.

The same error occurred no matter how many times I tried, and I couldn’t understand it even after researching, so I gave up and decided to reinstall Docker.

Couldn’t uninstall Docker

When I reinstalled Docker, I first tried to uninstall it, but that also failed.

Uninstalling Docker Desktop from Settings > Apps & features resulted in


It was fine until I got to the above screen, but from here on, no matter how long I waited, it never changed from Uninstalling…. But from this point on, I waited and waited, but nothing changed.

Solved: Kill Docker.service

The problem of perpetual waiting for Uninstalling was reported in Issue.


According to the comments, I was told to terminate Docker.service in Task Manager.


After the end task was executed, docker was no longer accessible from wsl2.

$ docker ps
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

Could uninstalled Docker

Kill Docker.service and Uninstall Docker Desktop from Settings > App & fatures again.


This time, it uninstalled without a hitch! Virtual Box left some mysterious virtual interface garbage behind, but Docker seems to have uninstalled cleanly. 🤗

After uninstalling, I reinstalled Docker again from the Docker for win installer and I’m done. Thanks for your help.